The plant which is initially created as the defensive enterprise, throughout all the history the continuing release of marine special facilities in post-war years has begun release of civil industrial goods. It were technically difficult cars, devices of exact mechanics, the radio-electronic equipment of a special purpose, and also consumer goods. In different years the enterprise ship windows, fishing trawls with the search equipment, seekers and guardians for navy, pictorial and forming units for the hosiery and knitted industry, manual meat grinders, crystal chandeliers, gaming machines for attractions were issued. In addition, in the years of conversion by the plant the release even more than 60 names of civil production has been mastered. Among them - the equipment for agro-industrial complex: flour-grinding, for production of sausages, smoked products (syringes vacuum, coppers cooking, cameras) and bakery products (in the form of sets and modules), vegetable oil, vodka; a filter press for production of wines and soft drinks; consumer goods, including electrical meat grinders, chandeliers, scissors, furniture accessories, gas-heating equipment and fittings, household woodworking machines, furniture accessories and many other things. 

Implementation of orders on production of production of the civil direction is important activity of the enterprise and today. Production of the equipment and rendering services on repair and service of processing equipment for the oil and gas companies is priority. Besides, for loading of capacities by the enterprise applications for performance and non-repeat orders, as from physical, and legal entities, proceeding from production capabilities (a profile, existence of the equipment, personnel, etc.) the plant and economic feasibility are accepted.