JSC Uralsk Plant “Zenit” – starting with procurement and graduating from the entity of a machine-building profile possessing all types of productions assembly of products, both a machine-building, and ship-building profile.

The technological park includes more than 1000 units of the processing equipment corresponding to a universal profile of the entity and allowing to perform the following types of productions: ship; bench-work assembly; welding; machining; electrical assembly; foundry; painting; plastic and rubber; heat treatment; galvanizing, etc.

Decisions on a possibility of accomplishment of orders according to requests of both physical, and legal entities, are accepted by specialists of the plant, proceeding from the available potential production.


1. Potential of procuring production

  • Cutting of sheet and high-quality rolled metal (steel, color alloys) on procurements:

 - Scissors guillotine (from 0,5 to 25 mm – thickness of the cut leaf);

 - Circular saws (from 20 to 240 mm – diameter of the cut hire);

 - Machines of abrasive cutting (from 16 to 60 mm – diameter of the cut hire);

 - Machines of gas-plasma cutting (from 5 to 38 mm - thickness of the cut leaf);

 - Manual gas-flame cutting (to 130 mm - thickness of the cut leaf);

 - Scissors high-quality (corner, square from 20 to 80, circle from 5 to 40).

  • It is flexible sheet and high-quality rolled metal:

- Three-roll bending machine (thickness of a leaf from 1 to 20 mm, from 1000 to 3150 mm wide is flexible a leaf in cylindrical or conic details);

 - flanging machine (it is flexible high-quality (a circle, a corner, etc.) hire);

 - plate-bending machine (it is flexible sheet material – production of a corner, a channel, etc. of details, from 1 to 8 mm thick, bending to 4000 mm wide).

  • The forging and stamping allowing to make on:

- hammers forging (weight is up to 2000 kg) forgings weighing up to 180 kg;

 - a hammer forming (the weight of the falling part of 1000 kg) stampings weighing up to 10 kg.

  • Sheet stamping:

 - Park frictional and crank-driven of press allows making details by method of sheet stamping of various configurations and in serial quantity.

  • Extract and molding:

- hydraulic the press (effort to 800 tons) allow to make details like the bottoms, glasses, etc. of sheet hire up to 18 mm thick.


2. Main  production potential:

Main direction – the production and repair of sea vessels, metalwork and other products for different categories of customers of the organizations including sites:

1)    Metalwork assembly area – available bridge cranes with a loading capacity up to 20 tons, for production of products of shipbuilding, a metalwork, civil products and non-repeat orders.

2)    The welding equipment for:

 - manual arc welding by a piece electrode of carbonaceous, heat resisting and stainless steel to 160 mm (equipment VD306, VD401, MARS500);

- Semi-automatic welding by the melting electrode in the CO2 environment of carbonaceous steel from 0, 5 to 15 mm (the equipment A547, Magpol401, KempoWeld4200);

- manual argon-arc welding by not melting electrode in the environment of argon of aluminum alloys from 1,5 to 12 mm thick and corrosion-resistant (corrosion-proof) (equipment MARS300, MARS500, UDG501, MASTERING3500W) with a steel thickness from 0,8 to 20 mm.

3) Mechanical sites, in structure:

- Lathes (the processed details: Ø to 1400 mm, length is up to 2800 mm);

- milling machines (a table – up to 1600 mm long, width is up to 400 mm);

- horizontally boring machines (boring of openings of Ø to 800 mm, up to 700 mm in depth);

- Coordinate and boring machines for production of especially exact details; - metal-planing machine for planing of details (the table course to 4000 mm);

- Turning and rotary machine (Ø of 3300 mm, the L processing to 2300 mm);

- Turning automatic machines and turning capstan lathes (Ø of 16-40 mm);

- All types of standard turning, milling and boring machines;

- gear milling machine, gear shaping machine and gear planing machine for production of gear wheels (the spur gear and the helical gear (with external and internal gearing), the module from 0,4 to 8,0, with a diameter from 4 to 500 mm, worms and worm wheels).

4) Spring site – production of springs from Ø wire ≤ 10.

5) Thread-rolling site – receiving a carving by method of rolling (from M4 to M52).

6) Rubber products site – existence of automatic molding machines for production of products from plastic and rubber mixes by pressing in press forms, and also cutting down and machining (the V injection in the automatic molding machine - 70 cm ³, the plate size for production of rubber products (RTI) – 400х400 mm).

7) Woodworking site – available jointer, thickness planer, circular mill, band-saw, lathe, milling machines, tenoning machine, band machine, fly-press for pasting, tool-grinding machine.

8) Rope site – production of the load-lifting hummock equipment, available wire-rope rewinding machine, etc.

9) Painting site.

10) Galvanic site.

11) Bead-blasting site.

12) Foundry site – steel and color casting.


3. Auxiliary production potential.

  • Tools production: Main direction – production of special cutting and measuring tools, for main production special equipment, press forms. Structure of grinding site consists: circular grinder machine, intra grinding machines; thermal site.
  • Power repair production, the main direction – routine maintenance and overhaul repairs of fixed assets equipment. Available – gear milling machine and gear shaping machine for handling of large-size gear wheels with the module m ≥ 6 and all types of standard turning, milling and boring machines.
  • Transport shop – main direction: transportation of various freights and handling works, ensuring timely and uninterrupted servicing of production with transport.