At the entity the quality management system conforming to requirements of international standard ISO of a series 9001 is implemented, there are certificat of certification system of Russian register "Russian Register", certificate confirming compliance of the entity to requirements of the Russian maritime register of shipping on designing, construction, upgrade and repair of courts and the ship equipment. In the current year work on voluntary certification of entity on compliance to international standards in the field of professional safety and health of OHSAS18001 will be complete. The control system of risks and system of internal control acts on the plant, the policy of anti-corruption and to fraud is approved.


Entity has licenses on:

1. Occupation development, production, repair, acquisition and implementation of ammunition, arms and military equipment, spare parts, components and devices to them, and also special materials and the equipment for their production, including installation, adjustment, use, storage, repair and field service;

2. Occupation design and survey activities;

3. Occupation installation and construction works;

4. Address with sources of ionizing radiation;

5. Occupation the activities connected with acquisition, destruction, distribution, implementation, storage, transportation, use of precursors;

6. Occupation medical activities.